Business Credit

One of the hottest business topics today is how to obtain business credit without committing to a personal guarantee.

Business owners nationwide are discovering that it is possible to obtain credit cards, lines of credit, leases, and to buy real estate for their business, in their corporate name. It is easier than you think if you know how.

We can provide the information you need so you feel prepared and confident to obtain business credit for your corporation or LLC. Through incorporation, you can separate yourself from your business and protect your personal assets from any business liabilities.

While it is possible to build a business credit profile for a sole proprietorship or partnership, you and your family are still personally responsible for all the debts your business may incur. We recommend building your business credit as a Nevada corporation or a Nevada limited liability company.

To learn more about how you can obtain business credit, contact an NCH representative today at 800-508-1729.

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